Beautiful Insanity

Hi i'm Sarah. I'm 20 and from Canada. There's no consistency to my blog, I reblg what i like and stuff I relate to. its my way of showing my feelings when i don't have anyone to talk to. it's the best way to get to know me.

Funny how they wait ‘till you’re gone just to miss you.

—Kanye West (To the World)

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Anonymous asked: How do you fit an elephant into a Safeway bag? You take the "f" out of Safe and the "f" out of Way!







i’m so fucking confused and it’s pissing me off help

Get out da way

i’m so lost wtf
there is no f in way and just how the fuck do you get “Get out da way” from that wtf

exactly there is no f in way

I think people will be amazed at my ribbon dancing skills. Ribbon dancing is an art form that I feel I possess in my inner soul. I think everything else has just been like a kind of detour and I’ve now found my final destination which is ribbon dancing.

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